Is it possible to be tooo happy? Well yes…. because I am.

I became the proud owner of Juice and Java on July 15th.

When I look back at the weeks that have gone by – these were quite stressful weeks. I struggled to keep up with the real-time demands of fresh food operation – until I got the hang of it. I am a trained and experienced chef, but, I didn’t realize the challenges of running a menu full of perishable fresh fruits and veggies.

And, don’t get me started on Avocados – as much as I love Avocados – I really don’t fancy their shelf-life – and – my daily ritual of going to the grocery store to get my doze of Avocados.

These were super hard weeks, but supremely gratifying.

I have a great team, great energy, delightful menu, and, awesome customers.

I can’t imagine how happy and blessed I am.

PS: My daily dose of “The Green Machine” adds to my cheery self.

– Chef Reena